Thursday, September 1, 2011

a little more travel....

Once again, we are packing! We were hardly home all summer (wonderful).  This time Dad is coming with us.  After 4 months at his new job, he is taking some much needed/deserved time off.  So off to the mountains we shall go...tuck ourselves away behind a couple of very old pine trees.  We will soak up the last of the summer sun.  We will jump off the docks into the refreshing waters of the lake.  But most importantly, we get to be with just US.  Our family: Dad, myself, 3 little ladies and our dog, Brie.  At home we have a very busy life but in the mountains, we loose track of time.  We eat when we are hungry, we break out Lucky Charms and order french fries and ice cream from the snack shack.  We sleep in and take naps.  We take walks and play games.  We hardly watch TV, we don't have phone reception (thank you God as I have a pre teen).  There are no malls...there are a few antique shops and a soda fountain. Make up stays home and a swim suit is the only requirement.  Our little family cabin is a blessing. Happy Labor Day to ya all!

My littlest lady...

 A little nature walk...and sister love

Two blonde girls...she is still blonde, me not so much!!!

My oldest graceful..

Until next time, I need to finish packing!!!!