Saturday, December 25, 2010

An end to a fabulous Season!

We went simple and chic this year..A holiday evening of blogging and wine :)
Our annual Sugar Cookie baking night with the ladies..
Chalkboard festive and fun..

May this year be Merry and Bright! Hope you all had a most fabulous Christmas. We had a great time in the City, time with family and a very relaxing Christmas day spent around the fire enjoying each other ~ jammies until dinner..ahhhh

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A small thought!

Sunday?? Really??? that was fast...ok , we have 13 days until Christmas. Im really out of sorts this year. Decor not just perfect, lights not even drizzled along the eves...presents not all purchased, cards sitting on dining room table, 70 degree weather and no snow..not even frost, BUT I have shelter, I have a beautiful family and I have Christ. I guess I really am ready for Christmas, actually, I can hardly wait until Christmas morning and family hanging out in jammies until noon. Wow, thanks for listening, scratch that..reading. I feel better! Here is a little more Christmas love to share:

A child is born...
A bird nesting
On our way to see little Miss Laney in her Christmas show...proud older sister.

No stage fright here, nope, she is on her way in the door to become the cutest cow ever in the Christmas show. Love that kid!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Glow....o o o o...o o o o... o o o o..RIA!!!!

Tis the Season My Friends!!!! What a beautiful time of year. In California, it is a bit warm still. A few days of high 50's, hardly any rain but the festivities have begun. smile...sip of wine, and a huge ..GIGANTIC ...."May the Lord Bless you this Season!!!"
Thought I would share a little of my last few weeks. We have been amazingly and happily busy with funerals, weddings, retirements and everyday to do's. We feel blessed, we feel nuts and we feel out of control. But here is a bit of our craziness..wondering if you empathize?? Have you already wrapped, baked and delivered?? Just curious :)

Delaney Faith....she always jumps in posts !

A little Christmas love

Sideways but sweet :)

Christmas Tree complete!

Eat, Drink be all things for Christ. We did a wine tasting ...winner is???? Le Crema

Ignore the dates on the photos...that camera goes back tomorrow. Never figured it out. Enjoy this wonderful Christmas season. I know I will do my best to remember all things that bring small blessings and tons of love in my life. xoxoxoxo Molly

Monday, November 29, 2010

Holidays...Holi Jays.....

Wow, with Thanksgiving ending this weekend, I can't believe I have not climbed up, in the attic to grab my box. Ok, boxes of...OK.....truck load of Holiday cartons, boxes and bins. I am loaded with decor. Why?? because I LOOOOOve CHRISTmas!!!! The best time of the year, as far as I am concerned. Mom and Dad always made it so exciting as a child. Fabulous surprises, family, friends, endless church hours.

The most memorable Christmas as a child was when I was 8, mom and dad told me to pack a few of my jackets, dress up clothes and shoes, to hand off to a family in need. Christmas Eve Church Service was different that year. We did not attend our regular Presbyterian Church, we went to a hard part of town. We were the only "caucasian" family in the congregation of this run down old church, full of smiling faces. The pastor was a friend of my dads, the people that surrounded me that night could SING!!! and my goodness they could DANCE!!! It was OUT of this world with spirit and love for the Lord. At 8 years old, I was enjoying every moment of that service. As it ended, I turned to walk out the back of the church. I spotted a sweet little gal, with the brightest of smiles, walking out the door. She looked at me, I gazed at her and together...we exchanged a wordless look of love and understanding. This girl, from the hard part of town, completely different upbringing...was wearing all my clothes. At 8 years old I was thrilled and have not forgotten that moment 30 years later. I encourage all my friends, family and fellow bloggers to give this season, with no expectations, this beautiful Christmas season.

Oh, if you are wondering what Holi Jays might be in reference to. Our family has renamed the holidays, for this season. Our cousin "Jay" has turned 30 (with a fabulous party in the City), announced his engagement, announced a pregnancy, wedding within 5 weeks, which includes all my family members. With that said, every weekend from here on out is dedicated to "Jay"...Hence , Happy Holi Jays!!!!

The Happy Couple

Sunday, November 14, 2010

and the season begins....

It is amazing to me how quickly this Holiday season has come. I love the Holidays!!! The weather, food, shopping, cards, tree's in the house, decor throughout, travel and such. I love the smell of the first time I turn on the heater for the season. It is just busy fun :)
I have been off my blog for a few days as we have lost 2 family members. One was 37, full of life and an an amazing father of a 10 year old, beautiful daughter. The other, a 97 year old man. He was strong, handsome and the great grandfather to my 3 babies. As we get ready for the Holiday season, we also say goodbye to 2 amazing men in our family. We thank our Lord that we had time with them....we are deeply blessed.

My blog to be updated and filled with my latest gatherings soon.....

Monday, November 1, 2010

OUT with Fall IN with Winter

This Halloween came and went faster than a blink! I can hardly believe I say that every Fall? All in one weekend :

1 Halloween parade, 5 Halloween parties, 1 birthday party, 1 School Carnival, 2 semi-homemade cakes for the cake walk, 1 soccer game (can't take credit...didn't go), 1 trip to my booth, trick or treating, pumpkin carving and family for chili AND the topper... 1 AmAzInG World Series!!! Go Giants :) We did it!!!!!!!!
We all are exhausted!!!!! But the important element is we all had fun!!!
I look forward to sharing my Winter favorite decor of all. For now, I leave you with just a few weekend pics. Do you want the good news or bad news?? Too bad, your getting it anyway. Bad news out of the way, we had 2 cameras. The big daddy was stolen from my class reunion, the little purse camera went bike riding in the Northwest and dove into the sand never to be turned on again. GOOD news...Mama (me) bought Daddy (hubby) a new Canon tonight. Happy 6 a.m photo shoot to him... and Happy white barn photos for me.
Actually, let me figure out the new camera before I post any pics...Have a fabulous Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a little pumpkin love starts the season off right!

looking forward to a weekend of pumpkin patching with my sweet family....and stew with the crew!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Trip to Nipomo and "The Booth"

I was invited to join a couple of pals in a local Antique/Craft Shop, to rent a booth. I did it and am very excited to say ...TODAY I started to set up :) I am looking forward to sharing the journey with all my sweet followers. My little spot is small but I pray to grow and I pray to have the time to make it happen.

The News:
My best pal and I have officially made a tradition to head down to Nipomo, twice a year, for the Remnants of the Past Flea Market. We have now made it a weekend long ...girls trip :). Last year we stumbled upon an amazing B and B, and this past weekend was our 2nd stay at the gorgeous Tuscan Style home , where we were spoiled rotten for 48 hours. This year we were fortunate to have hang out with Rachel Ashwell. Her new book is so inspiring and her when she spoke , she was incredibly real and directly from her soul.
We found amazing goods that I can hardly wait to make a part of my home. We also made some interesting memories along the way. BTW.. traveling with 4 girls can make for one eventful weekend!

Did I mention the wine tasting on the way down to the Flea Market? Too many winery's to choose from. We usually choose 2 or 3 new ones each time. This time...well...we struck out... BUT Route 46 winery , had amazing pear pie :) The wine was not to my liking but the deli was beyond incredible.

Ok..back on track !!! We started out wine tasting, followed by shopping in SLO (San Luis Obisipo) Hung out in Cal Poly college town (Christina and I thought we were back in college for about 2 hours.

But realized we really are getting old so, went to dinner with our buddies and her daughter and daughters room mate...Im convinced they think Im totally cool.

We slept like babies and then headed to the flea market!!

We bought pumpkins.......

We bought......we ate...we laughed....we met new friends..we bought......

We hung with Rachel ASHWELL..Queen of the Shab!!!!!

We bought too much and ended up renting a U- Haul (not in the plan).

Yet, we had no hitch - nor adapter - nor hook ups - NOR experience driving a trailer...

That is just another memory ..Right?

I made it home to my babies to which I am so darn grateful for! Thank you Jesus!!!!!

Delaney and Allie

Miss KatieGrace

Oh, forgot to mention - I got a ticket along the way!!! One expensive trip. But worth every penny.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who loves an OLD ironing board?

I am getting ready for my little adventure and before I leave, I must post my latest finding...Im in love with it!! Not sure I can part with this beauty.  She currently resides in my living room with both chippy doors the color and texture.  BTW....I do not iron :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

To Gather with Love.....the coup

Who wouldn't want and vintage chicken coup for a coffee table. Currently, my favorite piece in the house. Had to share a sneak peek....of much more fun to follow.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A day of Delaney

....Well, lets just say she is colorful, spicy and full of Fun!!!!! She is the littlest of my 3 wonderful "Littles" and if you follow, she is Laney. She tells me how she wants to be woken up, pours her own cereal and my goodness...she will run the rest of her day. I would like you all to meet Delaney Faith...The Wizzle....The Frizz....Mc wizzley woo!!!

We had our two beautiful little ladies. Katie Grace was 7 and Allie was 4. We were rollin along with life. School, play dates, family time and extra curricular. We were content and lovin life. Life was as we thought it should roll. Never dreamed I would have a 3rd, gave it a whirl and into my life came the 4th most beautiful blessing of my life. Thank you Lord for my Frizzle.

Design World - a bit of a surprise and "Gathering" to share. Stay tuned as I can hardly wait to share the fun with you all...Have a most fabulous weekend.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall has arrived ....

How happy I am..time to enjoy a sweet, hot cup of coffee and bundle up around the fire. Time to collect white pumpkins and dried corn, gather as a family with great friends and share crock pot dinners. I love this time of year!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School!!! and decorating idea #1

We made it through the first week of " back to school". A bit rough getting the littlest of the littles in a new preschool (unplanned) but we are off and running. Everyone is thrilled with the classroom arrangements. KatieGrace "Miss Middle Schooler"...trying to keep her focus off mascara and lip gloss and back into studying (rough!!). Allie "Little Miss 3rd Grader" ..runs to the bus, who cares what she has on, as long as she gets there, she is thrilled! Then we have Delaney...well, she started her week in school with a black eye...from falling out of bed - NO JOKE, a Pre K class with NO TEACHER!!!! , again NO JOKE and croup! Well, we got through it all and I am happy to say she is in a good school with a fab teacher. Everyone is settled in and ready for a great year.

Vintage tool box with garden flowers

I have spent wayyyy tooooo much time on the blogger. Love it and am completely inspired in several areas. Photography ( too bad our beautiful camera was stolen at my reunion), cooking and decorating. I did mention that I would start blogging some before and after photos and throw out some fun and simple decorating tips so here I go....... tonights basic decorating idea #1
1. grab an old vintage tool box (flea market or grandparents garage)
2. fill the sections with silver julep cups or sippy cups, whatever is handy
3. grab your scissors and cuts some of your favorite , homegrown flowers to fill the cups
4. you can put cups of flowers in each section OR....for a entertaining...silverware looks great in the empty sections, gorgeous way to display.

Have fun....use it as a centerpiece, for entertaining or just out on the ole coffee table.

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Design World!!

..........and this would be a re I decided to go a little bit "LIVE" with my blog world.  Im a little nervous and excited too.  Forgive my novice efforts to be a professional blogger.  I am a work in progress...having a blast as I get aquainted with my new Blog Friends.

Welcome to my world

If you do not know this about me, I enjoy pretending to be a decorater. I love to "GATHER" antiques, I love comfort and warmth and I really enjoy the look on my husbands face when he see's our house being messed with. My love is a graphic designer.. he is an amazing fine artist as well. I can create but am not artistic. Big difference folks. One is born an artist ( I have 2 in the family and I know this, their brains are COMPLETELY different than the rest. Anyway, to get back on track. I nail things up here and there, I paint with no direction and well... I do not like things straight. I like a lot of curves and swirls. Did I mention my favorite color is pink? Well, being married to a graphic designer, means I am married to a perfectionist. :) So, just imagine the look on his face when he see's me nailing things into the wall.
I have no idea why I wrote that, other than the fact that I just figured out why I do all my rearranging and decorating when he is working. Im SLY!
So, my next few blogs will give you a glimpse of my style, some ideas, some simple tricks..I can hardly wait to show you what I can "Gather with Love" ....stay tuned

Our Summer Vacation and a little Fourth of July celebration

We have had an amazing summer. I can't say much for our weather....very, unusually, cold and grey summer for 2010. So... the "Littles" and I decided to take a road trip and find the sun, turn off the tube and escape the world of Internet. We headed up the ole mountains to a little slice of Heaven or as the rest of the family seems to all it, "The Cabin". Yep, just my littles and myself waaaay up in the mountains with the bears and mt. lions. We hunkered down with games, great food, mommy cocktails and Little's cocktails. We swam for hours in the lake and fished until dark. NO!! I do not fish but I do hang by the lake and pool and order out from the country club a giant cadillac margarita!!!! ~YUM~
Well, that all lasted about a day and a half until the troops found us. Up came Dad, Up came Big Littles Friend (another pretween) Up came "TT", Out went "TT", In came In laws, Up came In Laws friend to have a HUGE 4th of July celebration at the lake. 12 days later OUT went me and the Littles. We had a blast!!! It took me 2 weeks to get back into reality.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Meet the Jepsons

Here we are...all 5 of us. Eric, myself, KatieGrace (11), Allie (8) and little Miss Delaney (4). We are the Jepson Crew. Eric is my sweet hubby and very patient father of these adorable 3 ladies. KaiteGrace our oldest is busy getting ready for middle school and keeping her social life very full this summer. Allie spends the day doing cartwheels and twirling in the wind...she just loves life. Delaney is the "Head Hancho" around here (so she thinks). She keeps us all in line...keeps us all in stitches and completes this family perfect!!