Saturday, January 28, 2012

trying to get back to it!

I am just about to accept that Christmas is over...BOO!! I actually get depressed the day after and it takes me a long while to pull myself out of post holiday funk.  NO seriously!! This time of year is really not my favorite.  School gets rough on the kiddo's, pressure to score high on  those State wide tests.  Weather is always questionable...we went from high 30's last week to low 70's this week. We have had 2 days of ran this Winter.  Just doesn't feel right....need some storms out our way.  Big set back, went back to work. Back in the classroom for me.  My days are so full, I miss the days when I could drop the girls off and sit down with a cup of coffee and blog for most of the morning.  Well, those days are on hold for now.  I hope to get back to this world SOON!! xoxox