Monday, February 28, 2011

Changes: the bench make over and a trip down the coast

FINALLY!!! after 12 years, I got around to throwing some light grey paint on my ole storage bench. EJ wanted it long gone, but assured him I could make it beautiful!
 All I could think about was how much I would love to hire someone for this job. Painting is not my favorite, but the reward will be great....right?
 Ok, so Allie is in a bathing suit, ugg boots and a shirt....Nice! the bench is lookin grim..needs darker grey rub all over that bad boy!!
 Im in luck, I had some left over, from my buffet is adorable, dontcha think? As for EJ.....he said we should keep it around a while longer ...:)

                                                We Celebrated Valentines

                                                     Cupcakes for the 3rd grade class.....
                                     Cookies for Cindi Loo Hoo...the preschooler from Hooville......
 We had a very sick 9 year old on her birthday (thank goodness we celebrated with friends early!)Actually, I am just showing off my new table pedestal...20.oo must have.
 A bathroom makeover....inspired by a fellow blogger (cant think of which one, I will figure it out and post)French antique basket hanging on wall with folded fresh.
 A french basket find and a bed I would like to jump into and nap for 3 hours.  Basket was another 20.oo find.  The candle holder above my bed...a 10.00.  Why am I telling you all the prices? I have no clue I just love a good great find.
The wooden box is fabulous but the tulips hanging out on top, just put me in the mood for Spring.  Are you ready for the change?
 Oh, remember my grain sack find at the flea my kitchen roman shade...loooooove it!
 Snow in Salinas.......REally??Fun for everyone!!! I have lived here 37 years and never had it snow at my house.  Heres how it went: My girls woke up to a sunny day.  We made cement stepping stones, perfect warm day to let them dry out for hours.  WEEEEELLL, we got back from Target and we had snow falling all around us.  Im boggeled....warm...sun...2 hours later.....SNOW! As for the stepping stones...soaked!
 We live in the one of the most beautiful areas in the world, yet we hardly ever get out enough to appreciate, love and take advantage of our surroundings. Well, this day we did - 
                                                  BEHOLD THE WHALE WATCHER
 We live 20 minutes from this gorgeous piece of land...Guess who saw her first whale??? ME....I was screaming!!!!
 Isen't she gorgeous??
 Perty darn cute this gal......
 We ended our day with a glass of vino along Big Sur River....truly a magical family day.. My heart did a little pitter patter.

Those girls above, I am in awe...their love, beauty, joy and to know God created them for me. I am so thankful that I am their mommy!!

Wishing you all blessings and happiness as we make our way into March Madness..a change is upon us, Spring.....I am heading up to the attic to grab my boxes of pastel decor...
xo Molly

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You must enter this fabulous Giveaway......

My First Try at the Giveaway Posting Via another Blog - Thank you Castle and Cottages for creating this post for us all to fall in love with...

I would love the opportunity to win this darling planter but if someone off my blogsite wins...I will be thrilled.  For all reading, be sure and spend some time on this gorgeous blog.  Prepare to get lost in the blogland for a veeerry long time! So much to see and appreciate.
Cheers and good luck to all! ~ M
Again...I did not post this giveaway, you have to comment on Castle and Cottage to enter, I would love to claim all her beauty but this is her post...Heart ya all

Cottage White Flower Pot hangers...giveaway!

Well, my new creations are ready for their big debut!....first here is the inspiration photo from Pottery Barn. The first thing I thought when I saw this room was 'I need more plants in my house!'...then ...when I looked closer....
that was it... I was off to the workshop! Some things just happen that way don't they? see something and your whole day is completely changed! I made large size for a 6.5 inch flower pot, one smaller for a 4.5 inch flower pot...

(the large one measures 24"x16" and extends out 9"~ smaller one measures 19"x11" and extends out 6"....they are made nice and sturdy to hold a flower pot filled with dirt & flowers and I'll be shipping them with the shelf unattached, you'll just need to screw in the included screws in the predrilled holes to attach the shelf)
I'm so pleased with how they came out... I think they are perfect for the front porch...on the the kitchen with herbs... in the bathroom with lavender....just about anywhere!
They are pretty just plain old chippy white but of course I don't plan on leaving them like know me better than that!
But what to put on them???? I began to realize the possibilities were endless...

a number?

gorgeous french text?

awesome Italian text?? there was no way I could choose the only solution is to let the customer choose...

(click on this to enlarge the photo and see them close up)
oh what fun I had playing with all the different possibilities!
So that's how I'll be listing a 'custom ~ choose your own text' item. You'll also get to decide if you'd like more chipping/distressing on it...right now they have 'medium' distressing.
Okay...let's get to the giveaway part!
I'm giving away the smaller one of these to one lucky winner, and you'll get to choose what you'd like on it for text/image. To be entered, simply leave a comment on this post, that will give you one about this giveaway or add a sidebar button on your blog, that will give you two chances to win (be sure to come back and comment that you did that so your name is in the hat again). It's open to the US & Canada and will end on Wednesday, Feburary 23rd...sometime in the evening I'll get a winner via
Good luck to all & thank you for stopping by ...your freindship is such a treasure!
ps...the larger one is listed in my etsy shop!
pss...even if you've won one of my giveaways in the're still included! :)
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Off to the Flea Market I did Go!!!

So here is where it began: Moraga, California...what a darling little town.  We were invited to spend the night at our friend Juls, moms house near the Flea Market, that way we did not have to get up so darn early to hit the road.

 Don't you feel sorry for me, after an amazing dinner (thank you to Julie's mom )and glass of wine.....ok 2, I dove into that cozy little bed.
 We still had to get up quite early, the alarm did not fail us.  We were all so excited, the early morning nor the puffy eyes/too much wine head ache, was no way going to delay our mission.

We have arrived and Juls is making a B line for the start gate.  Check her out! Double fisted with flea market baskets.. You can't see me, I was running in to find an old fruit picking ladder for a display to be used in my booth.  Only part of that is the truth, I was taking the picture...but really my mission was to find a ladder.  I looked the day before at 2 salvaged yards and no such doing! Off to find my ladder...

 Marilyn, Marilyn, Marilyn...not to be missed.  Always a great booth with awesome finds.
 Another wonderful booth with a creative twist on french style pillows.
This booth also took it to the next level with old grain sacks  purses and touch of vintage lace, so darling.
 great signs, the blue Bar sign would be fab in my dining room! Can't you see it now??

 Look what I found!!! PERFECTION!!!!! This is the ladder I have been searching for...and that is the good news. The really bad news and something that I did not think I could bring up for a very long time....I sold it before I left the market.  I more than doubled what I spent on it BUT it wasn't worth it, Im still dreaming of my perfect ladder.  Now Im obsessed with finding a new one!
 More great signs..don't  cha looove um??
 Some sellers sure got creative with their booths, how do they get the energy at 3 in the morning? Geeesh
 Love this baby..too bad it was already sold.  Fabulous colors...just so darn FAB
 Well now.....ADORABLE! I want all of it right now :)
 I have this on order, do not tell EJ or I will be sleeping in it for the rest of my marriage.  Truthfully, can't you see pink fabric all around it and a sweet tea table, chandi and chairs for my 3 littles to play.  Ok, if all else fails I will stick a chicken or two in it.  Please pray as my EJ is not going to take this one well...eeeks! Im trying to figure out how to sneak it in the backyard...any ideas?
 Some vedors did not want pics  taken...too bad for them because I snuck them and they could have had free advertising.  This gal had darling goodies.
 And we had German Glass Glitter Galore.....

 Love the chip and rust....
 How to re create that flower for my was huge and perfect!!!!
 Some more creativity...
 Mission accomplished! no more room in the car.

 We always stop for a Margarita on the way home to celebrate our finds...Did someone drink the guac? I just noticed there is a straw in it.  Hmmmmm, Super Bowl Sunday can do wild things to ya!

My Finds!!!! MINUS the perfect ladder!!!!!!!!!

Here we have a weighs in at 2 billion pounds.  I bought two and ended up buying a cart to get it to the car.

 An old wooden box, so many fun ways to use it!
 That is actually last Flea Markets find but it snuck in.
 Old ceiling tin, becoming trendy but not with chalkboard paint or a mirror....
 The extra cart I bought, actually cute in a kitchen with veggies stored in it or lavender?? hmmmm
 The crown for my angel with no nose.  Poor girl, maybe that is why she was so inexpensive(never say cheap)
 Look at that basket, I want to turn it upside down and throw a light in it..cute chandi huh?
 This would be a .....a.....I dont know but it looks cute and it may just be my new kitchen roman shade :)
Until next time....hope you like my finds.  Have a fabulous weekend!
~ Molly