Friday, February 4, 2011

Off to Market I Shall Go!!!

That would be ....."Flea Market".  Due to my grOWING booth, I need to go grab some goodies this weekend.  Looking forward to sharing the finds with you next week.  Last time, we ended up pulling off the highway, only to find our loot hanging off the back end of the truck.  It could have been a very bad end to a great shopping trip.  However, it ended as a fantastic trip back home with a stop at Chevys for a celebration margarita.
So, I leave for the weekend but not before I show you what I purchased for the trip.

Well this should be a picure of a cart from Target download did not work out..file too big. Im too tired to figure it out.

 I HAD to...I have been sharing one for the last 4 years and the wheels are shot and both of us will be on this trip.  Spending the 35.00 nearly killed me BUT I shall fill it with GOOOOOODDDDDSSSSSSSSSS :)
Happy weekend to all ~

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  1. Can't wait to see what you got on your shopping trip.


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