Monday, February 28, 2011

Changes: the bench make over and a trip down the coast

FINALLY!!! after 12 years, I got around to throwing some light grey paint on my ole storage bench. EJ wanted it long gone, but assured him I could make it beautiful!
 All I could think about was how much I would love to hire someone for this job. Painting is not my favorite, but the reward will be great....right?
 Ok, so Allie is in a bathing suit, ugg boots and a shirt....Nice! the bench is lookin grim..needs darker grey rub all over that bad boy!!
 Im in luck, I had some left over, from my buffet is adorable, dontcha think? As for EJ.....he said we should keep it around a while longer ...:)

                                                We Celebrated Valentines

                                                     Cupcakes for the 3rd grade class.....
                                     Cookies for Cindi Loo Hoo...the preschooler from Hooville......
 We had a very sick 9 year old on her birthday (thank goodness we celebrated with friends early!)Actually, I am just showing off my new table pedestal...20.oo must have.
 A bathroom makeover....inspired by a fellow blogger (cant think of which one, I will figure it out and post)French antique basket hanging on wall with folded fresh.
 A french basket find and a bed I would like to jump into and nap for 3 hours.  Basket was another 20.oo find.  The candle holder above my bed...a 10.00.  Why am I telling you all the prices? I have no clue I just love a good great find.
The wooden box is fabulous but the tulips hanging out on top, just put me in the mood for Spring.  Are you ready for the change?
 Oh, remember my grain sack find at the flea my kitchen roman shade...loooooove it!
 Snow in Salinas.......REally??Fun for everyone!!! I have lived here 37 years and never had it snow at my house.  Heres how it went: My girls woke up to a sunny day.  We made cement stepping stones, perfect warm day to let them dry out for hours.  WEEEEELLL, we got back from Target and we had snow falling all around us.  Im boggeled....warm...sun...2 hours later.....SNOW! As for the stepping stones...soaked!
 We live in the one of the most beautiful areas in the world, yet we hardly ever get out enough to appreciate, love and take advantage of our surroundings. Well, this day we did - 
                                                  BEHOLD THE WHALE WATCHER
 We live 20 minutes from this gorgeous piece of land...Guess who saw her first whale??? ME....I was screaming!!!!
 Isen't she gorgeous??
 Perty darn cute this gal......
 We ended our day with a glass of vino along Big Sur River....truly a magical family day.. My heart did a little pitter patter.

Those girls above, I am in awe...their love, beauty, joy and to know God created them for me. I am so thankful that I am their mommy!!

Wishing you all blessings and happiness as we make our way into March Madness..a change is upon us, Spring.....I am heading up to the attic to grab my boxes of pastel decor...
xo Molly


  1. good grief that last pic of the girls...really? Can they be that big? That gorgeous? That lovely? Well, with you & EJ as parents-yes. Love it. SO glad you got a day to be. And here! We live in a place we never take enough time to enjoy! Our hikes thru Point Lobos remind me.
    Lets plan a Sunday after church & explore something new.
    love new "roman". please make over my hutch. please.

  2. aww! my friend...would love to explore maybe Rocky Point area? it has been years. Carmel...Big Sur, really? We are so blessed

  3. Gorgeous girls. :)

    Just picked up the kids' old wooden toybox from the storage. I'm in the process of refinishing to use at storage for pool towels at the new house. I'm so thankful such a great part of their childhood will get new use!


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