Friday, April 22, 2011

nightstand re do progress, cant wait to reveal.  This was taken from my phone and sent via droid, hope to have that figured out by the time I'm done with the RE- do :)
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just can't get enough coups!

 Le Coupe

So here we have it! Coupe number 2.  Not sure why I have a fascination with chicken coups.  Strange...huh????  Well, I guess I can blame it on my mama.  She was the chicken 4-H leader while I grew up in our small little country town.
But the deal is...I have no chickens.  My thought is, maybe I get 3 little chics for my 3 little gals and surprise them on Easter morning OR do I cover it it in Shabby Chic fabric and make a play house out of it? wait, no...maybe I put a few love birds in it?? 
Ideas welcome!!!!!! (free the dog, first on my list)