Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just can't get enough coups!

 Le Coupe

So here we have it! Coupe number 2.  Not sure why I have a fascination with chicken coups.  Strange...huh????  Well, I guess I can blame it on my mama.  She was the chicken 4-H leader while I grew up in our small little country town.
But the deal is...I have no chickens.  My thought is, maybe I get 3 little chics for my 3 little gals and surprise them on Easter morning OR do I cover it it in Shabby Chic fabric and make a play house out of it? wait, no...maybe I put a few love birds in it?? 
Ideas welcome!!!!!! (free the dog, first on my list)

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  1. love the coupe! Needs more scallops.....and chicks. Because I LOVE THEM. And they are sweet....


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