Sunday, January 30, 2011

Introducing Aubrey Lou!

Aubrey Lou

       20 years ago I met one of the most talented men in the world.  13 years ago, I married him and for all those years, I have been asking for a few pieces of art to call my own.  He focuses on amazing photo realistic waterfowl art.  His duck art is truly amazing, and although I appreciate it and am completely blown away by his abilities, I have always wanted a very loose style rendering of a cow and also a white, chipped up, slightly breaking down, very old BARN. Well, last weekend he pulled it off. I am happy to introduce to you " Aubrey Lou", she is perfect, she is gorgeous, she is exactly what I have always wanted.  Can you believe he wanted to sell her!!!! Not going to happen, she is part of my family.....forever. 

Oh, my little booth is coming along beautifully....moving up front this week and doubling our size.  If you are ever in the Pacific Grove, California sure to poke your head in.  

Thursday, January 20, 2011

cows cows cows

I get my cow after 20 years. End result soon.......
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good Morning Glitter!

Last year at the Remnants of the Past Flea Market, I fell in love with glitter eggs. Just got around to tossing some glue on some wooden eggs I bought. Hmmm, what a little crafters glue and Martha's glitter can do!!! I plan to 1. package them and put them in my booth 2. put them in nests in my house. So fun!!!

My latest project...Tea Towels and a ruffle. I cheated and bought the ruffle. Not confident to use the new sewing machine mom bought me for Christmas.

Off to work in the class - Enjoy a great day!
Hugs, Molly

Monday, January 17, 2011

Love Like CRAZY........

I found a saying, not realizing it was a hit song, and fell in love. Just a simple reminder of how a few words can change us living in a wild and crazy world. We ALL fall short, yet we can all try do our best.

I bought a darling little cabinet at my Favorite Flea Market..Remnants of The Past.  Below is the transformation it has gone through.  
Started green (took before picture halfway through project).

Painted it a light gray....too light for my taste, next day rubbed it with a Seal Gray and LOVED IT!! Just to my liking I will say.

Here is the finished project...and how did I forget to paint the drawer on the bottom?? Oh yea, I do all my work after 11 pm. How did I just notice it? Who knows but how funny, guess I will go grab a paint brush and get to work.
Did the same to my Buffet in the Dining Room.  Me no Likey the light Gray!!! Paint in hand, rubbed it with the darker gray (a towel did the trick). LOVE IT!

So much better

A small glimpse of my booth...I share with two other gals 

Have a most fabulous week!
Hearts and Hugs,

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wooden Crates...oh my

So, Im on my way to grab my 4 year old from the sitter and I glance to my right, just off the road, is a man LOADING a trailer with old wooden crates. SKKKKREEEEETCH...I spin a 180 and I am pulling up next to this man. I rolled my window down, grabbed his attention thing I know, he is following me, to my house, with a trailer full of aged wood. I quickly called EJ (my husband), told him to not ask Q's, but just roll with it. He comes out, I throw him gloves, they unload and I am off to my start my new project for 2011....suggestions welcome :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goodbye 2010..Looking forward to blogging in 2011

a piece of Heaven!

I finally put the last of the decor away this evening. I always get a bit depressed when the holidays are over. This year felt different, this year was very different. We had a wedding during the holiday season and two family funerals. It was busy, is was emotional, it is timeto move forward. Before I take the first step into is a glimpse of our holidays.

Started with the Bridal Shower....oh how I love Weddings and being a part of the decor team.
an inspiration tree, the bridal guest dropped a note to our bride in the cone
our brides place setting, along with her crown
my 3 littles were in the wedding beautiful!

a couple days in the City during the holidays

We baked and we baked!!

the tree I long to create next year...
I look forward to learning more about the blogging world, maybe gain just a few more followers. I would love for someone to share , how to add the music to my posts. I might even get the guts to tell my friends and family about my blog. Truly, only about 3 people are aware that I even joined the world of bloggers. Why??? Well, I need to get more comfortable and set aside more time to update. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!