Monday, January 17, 2011

Love Like CRAZY........

I found a saying, not realizing it was a hit song, and fell in love. Just a simple reminder of how a few words can change us living in a wild and crazy world. We ALL fall short, yet we can all try do our best.

I bought a darling little cabinet at my Favorite Flea Market..Remnants of The Past.  Below is the transformation it has gone through.  
Started green (took before picture halfway through project).

Painted it a light gray....too light for my taste, next day rubbed it with a Seal Gray and LOVED IT!! Just to my liking I will say.

Here is the finished project...and how did I forget to paint the drawer on the bottom?? Oh yea, I do all my work after 11 pm. How did I just notice it? Who knows but how funny, guess I will go grab a paint brush and get to work.
Did the same to my Buffet in the Dining Room.  Me no Likey the light Gray!!! Paint in hand, rubbed it with the darker gray (a towel did the trick). LOVE IT!

So much better

A small glimpse of my booth...I share with two other gals 

Have a most fabulous week!
Hearts and Hugs,

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  1. Molly! You had mentioned your Blog on Facebook before and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your decorating style! Are you selling any of your inventory on-line? Cute Stuff!

    Cat (Concepcion) Kerwin


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