Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goodbye 2010..Looking forward to blogging in 2011

a piece of Heaven!

I finally put the last of the decor away this evening. I always get a bit depressed when the holidays are over. This year felt different, this year was very different. We had a wedding during the holiday season and two family funerals. It was busy, is was emotional, it is timeto move forward. Before I take the first step into is a glimpse of our holidays.

Started with the Bridal Shower....oh how I love Weddings and being a part of the decor team.
an inspiration tree, the bridal guest dropped a note to our bride in the cone
our brides place setting, along with her crown
my 3 littles were in the wedding beautiful!

a couple days in the City during the holidays

We baked and we baked!!

the tree I long to create next year...
I look forward to learning more about the blogging world, maybe gain just a few more followers. I would love for someone to share , how to add the music to my posts. I might even get the guts to tell my friends and family about my blog. Truly, only about 3 people are aware that I even joined the world of bloggers. Why??? Well, I need to get more comfortable and set aside more time to update. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!


  1. Very cute Mrs. Jepson, I like it, I will keep tabs you now! You can totally du this, your talented and creative and very funny! Your friends will love it too!

  2. LOVE it! MORE pictures, more how to's, more Jepson....I think because I always love your front door & front table, you should do a monthly display of that-so we can see what you've seasonally pulled together.
    love ya blog friend forever (BFF)


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