Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mid West trip just the gals

Looking forward to updating my post on this amazing trip.  Days 7-14 will have to wait until we get home.  We are having a great time back in Arkansas. Can hardly believe we are on the tail end of our trip. Just 3 more days and we will be back in crazy to think it! We miss Dad and Brie our doggy...But I would move our here in a minute.  Life is so much different out here, in a nutshell, it is more simple and the important things in life are the focus.  I don't think my hubby could be talked into movin out this way. 
Until I am able to get online, on MY lap top.....TO BE CONTINUED :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mid West Gals Adventure

Day 5: Missouri

These California Gals are havin a hard time gettin up in these parts here!  Well, all you had to say is "FEATHERS"...all 4 girls (my 3 little ladies and cousin Molly) jumped in the car and headed to the beauty shop where they had rooster feather extensions put in their hair.  All were THRILLED!!

Katie and Molly are more than thrilled to show off their feathers...who wouldn't want feathers?

From feathers bliss, we popped on over to my sweet Aunt Susies house for a little family gathering.  The two ladies on each side of me are my amazing Aunts! We lost my dad, their brother, 12 years ago but what a blessing to see my dads eyes and smile shine through them.  They are two of the most loveliest ladies in this world! I am so fortunate to have them as part of my life!

 Oh and the models again....

and cousins taking a walk...I wonder if they are talking about the fact that we just found out that we are not only part Cherokee but also Choctaw...Nope, don't think they care.  I DO!!! I have been bragging for 39 years about my Cherokee skin, now I find out Im part of another tribe...wait, why does it matter??

Tween cousins...nothing compares to family!

Oh, we have another model!

We had NO fun at all!! Just saying!! These two will not be able to part, I repeat NOT. With that said, we have decided to extend our stay by 2 days. :) 

Day 6: Missouri- Water Park

This day I think we hit 98 and don't forget the humidity.  We cooled off at the water park, great choice.

 Allie wastes no time jumping on the slides..

    Katie kickin up the speed!

 Delaney didn't meet the measurement requirements so she hung on the little slides..
 Fun with Miss Molly...

                                                               and the models again....

    Old Town St. Charles, the first capital of Missouri and home of Budweiser.

 After dinner at Louis and Clarks Restaurant, we walked along the river and snapped shots of the darling cousins.  Love have them together..

 and little Miss Laney caught a lightening bug! She was thrilled!

Grabbing some sleep before we hit another water park be continued!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Continued...2-4 Mid West Gals Adventure

Day 2: Arkansas

We knew we needed a day to relax before jumping in the car for our next "Gal Adventure". We decided to head to the pool, help grandma with her new house and finish our day at the Lake.

 At the lake, Katie spots a hen mallard with her babies...A DOR A BLE!!

 Laney decides she would like to take them home in her suitcase :)...hang on, I'll grab a couple.

Uncle Bry helps Laney into the boat for an evening cruise

and check this dude out! (how do those legs hold up that massive body?)

Day 3: Off to Missouri
We waited in time to miss the storm, jumped in the car and headed up to Missouri.  I thought it might be good for the girls to see what damage a tornado can cause and decided to stop in Joplin.  Little did I know!! I was speechless, I still am.  I can't even begin to understand the devastation this town is going through.  Katie took a few shots to share.

The roots where pulled out and the trees were snapped.

Allie said "Mom, the house sunk", I had to tell her " No Allie, the house is gone...the roof is left behind.

A few walls remain of this building.. unreal!

Glad to leave Joplin...what a helpless feeling. We send prayers of healing to each person in that area.

I thought it would take us about 4.5 hours....NOPE!  7 hours later, the ladies and I rolled in.

and we reunite with our peeps.  Happiness all around :) 

Day 4: St. Louis, Missouri

Katie and sweet, beautiful cousin Molly (hmmm wonder where she got her name), are preparing for a day of shoppin!

Laney wasted no time spending her money!
The cousins tried to talk her into getting her ears pierced, I signed the paper work, she got the pen marks ...and ...then ....chickened out! Oh well, one less thing to think about.

Cousins having a blast on a nice mid west storms yet and Pam says we are out of Tornado danger...season over right? Wrong! 5 a.m I hear a buzzing sound.  The sound could not be an alarm, never heard one like that before.  Next thing I know the family is joining us down in the basement.  I ask Pam what she is doing down here with us, thought just the ladies and I were bunking down here and why are you carrying your dog down here...wierd? Oh, your not going to believe this Mol, she explains in a calm whisper, but we are havin a tornado warning.  WHAT??? thought the season was over and furthermore, I just drove through Joplin.....a little freaked. It was over before we new it.  They called it off and it moved into a large storm.  My cousin was as cool as a cucumber.  The gals and I have never seen wind and hail like that before.  Thank you Jesus for no Tornados! We safely fell back into slumber.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Off to the Mid West..just a gals trip

I started a post just before we, my little ladies and I, jumped on the plane and headed to the Mid West.  WHY THE MID WEST??? Pretty sure that is what you are thinking.  That is what everyone says when I tell them that I planned on taking my gals to see my family in Arkansas and Missouri for 14 days with out my husband. Don't judge a book by it's cover! Mid West is a wonderful place.  Oh, back to why I started the post before the trip and never finished.  Well, I wrote a fabulous blog and my computer crashed before I posted it...never to be retrieved.  So here I am on day 6 of our adventure.  By the way, if your wondering where my other half is, someone has to work and pay for this trip right? Sadly, he is tied up working extra hard for us ladies to have an extra special time with our favorite peeps, in hopes to take time off when we get back.

The day before the trip,  we skipped town early just to relax at hotel near the airport.  Dad was able to take us to dinner and drop us at the airport early the next morning.  Thought that would really help out, as our airport is 1.5 hours away.  Well, with 4 girls getting ready and heading out of California, still took us too long and ended up running to the terminal just in the nick of time. Literally had to beg everyone in the security line to give us "cuts"or we would have missed the plane.

Day 1: Very excited to Arkansas

A little stop at an Amish bakery for some pastries....YUM! Loved my gals seeing the Amish teenagers running the bakery.  EYE OPENER :)

And we landed at the Lake to camp for the next two nights.  Uncle Bryan met us there and took us gals out for an evening ride around the lake. The most beautiful lake I have ever been on.  70 miles of glass like water with gorgeous green foliage that surrounds it.  I think we might have seen 3 other boats on the lake that night.  AMAZING!

 Uncle Bry gave each girl driving lessons!

 What a great day we had.  The evening ended with grandma's pasta along the waters edge and a wonderful nights sleep.  Well, until the girl's air mattress deflated.  Just a small glitch.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cherry O Baby!!!

Delaney Turns 5...moves onto Kinder....Time to Celebrate with Old Fashion Fun and Some Sweet Cherries!!

This little gal turned 5 and...well...she wanted a Cherry Birthday. OK, truth be told, Mama kinda talked her into it...Have you seen all the darling Cherry goodies out there??

She was easily encouraged to have great friends over for great times and sweet treats!!

 Delaney started the celebration on her REAL birthday, family usually celebrates on the actual day with dinner of choice and homemade cake! A few gifts follow....

Her first American Doll, Kirsten (she joins  KatieGrace's and Allie's historic complete)

Onto Cherries..........

 Meet me under my Cherry Tree!!
The invites were delivered in the brown paper bag, tied with baking twine.

We had small wooden crates filled with cherry suckers and gummies.

The sign on the picking ladder read: Cherry Picking

We ate vanilla bean cupcakes, topped with chocolate frosting and fresh cherries...yum!

One of the highlights (thank you P is for Party) Homemade Cherry Pie in mason jars.  The kids looooved this project and were able to take them home. The were actually wonderfully good!!

We added lattice to the top of our pies before closing the lid...

 What's a party without a little face painting?? Cherries for everyone!!

 Homemade cherry snowcones.....

 Thanks sissy for running the snowcone rock!

 Who can pin the cherry on the sundae??...and...the Birthday Girl nailed it!!

Time for Cherry Picking (red bags filled fill several cherry flavored candies)!! 

Homemade Tissue Cherries, hung from branches on the tree...

 Some were able to jump high enough to pick their own cherries..
                        ....some needed a little lift.

All were smiling when she blew out her candle and they devoured the cupcakes....

What a fabulous party...tons of fun!!!

Onto graduation!!!

She is a sweet, spunky, beautiful and a smart little lady!

She graduated and is promoted to kindergarten...who can stand it? really ...I can't wrap myself around it..


We are all here to support and love her each and every step of the way...Most of you know, once school starts, there is no turning back.  It is the beginning of new challenges, exciting moments and great experiences. Congrats my little lovely lady you are well prepared.

xoxo Molly