Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cherry O Baby!!!

Delaney Turns 5...moves onto Kinder....Time to Celebrate with Old Fashion Fun and Some Sweet Cherries!!

This little gal turned 5 and...well...she wanted a Cherry Birthday. OK, truth be told, Mama kinda talked her into it...Have you seen all the darling Cherry goodies out there??

She was easily encouraged to have great friends over for great times and sweet treats!!

 Delaney started the celebration on her REAL birthday, family usually celebrates on the actual day with dinner of choice and homemade cake! A few gifts follow....

Her first American Doll, Kirsten (she joins  KatieGrace's and Allie's historic complete)

Onto Cherries..........

 Meet me under my Cherry Tree!!
The invites were delivered in the brown paper bag, tied with baking twine.

We had small wooden crates filled with cherry suckers and gummies.

The sign on the picking ladder read: Cherry Picking

We ate vanilla bean cupcakes, topped with chocolate frosting and fresh cherries...yum!

One of the highlights (thank you P is for Party) Homemade Cherry Pie in mason jars.  The kids looooved this project and were able to take them home. The were actually wonderfully good!!

We added lattice to the top of our pies before closing the lid...

 What's a party without a little face painting?? Cherries for everyone!!

 Homemade cherry snowcones.....

 Thanks sissy for running the snowcone rock!

 Who can pin the cherry on the sundae??...and...the Birthday Girl nailed it!!

Time for Cherry Picking (red bags filled fill several cherry flavored candies)!! 

Homemade Tissue Cherries, hung from branches on the tree...

 Some were able to jump high enough to pick their own cherries..
                        ....some needed a little lift.

All were smiling when she blew out her candle and they devoured the cupcakes....

What a fabulous party...tons of fun!!!

Onto graduation!!!

She is a sweet, spunky, beautiful and a smart little lady!

She graduated and is promoted to kindergarten...who can stand it? really ...I can't wrap myself around it..


We are all here to support and love her each and every step of the way...Most of you know, once school starts, there is no turning back.  It is the beginning of new challenges, exciting moments and great experiences. Congrats my little lovely lady you are well prepared.

xoxo Molly

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