Sunday, June 19, 2011

Off to the Mid West..just a gals trip

I started a post just before we, my little ladies and I, jumped on the plane and headed to the Mid West.  WHY THE MID WEST??? Pretty sure that is what you are thinking.  That is what everyone says when I tell them that I planned on taking my gals to see my family in Arkansas and Missouri for 14 days with out my husband. Don't judge a book by it's cover! Mid West is a wonderful place.  Oh, back to why I started the post before the trip and never finished.  Well, I wrote a fabulous blog and my computer crashed before I posted it...never to be retrieved.  So here I am on day 6 of our adventure.  By the way, if your wondering where my other half is, someone has to work and pay for this trip right? Sadly, he is tied up working extra hard for us ladies to have an extra special time with our favorite peeps, in hopes to take time off when we get back.

The day before the trip,  we skipped town early just to relax at hotel near the airport.  Dad was able to take us to dinner and drop us at the airport early the next morning.  Thought that would really help out, as our airport is 1.5 hours away.  Well, with 4 girls getting ready and heading out of California, still took us too long and ended up running to the terminal just in the nick of time. Literally had to beg everyone in the security line to give us "cuts"or we would have missed the plane.

Day 1: Very excited to Arkansas

A little stop at an Amish bakery for some pastries....YUM! Loved my gals seeing the Amish teenagers running the bakery.  EYE OPENER :)

And we landed at the Lake to camp for the next two nights.  Uncle Bryan met us there and took us gals out for an evening ride around the lake. The most beautiful lake I have ever been on.  70 miles of glass like water with gorgeous green foliage that surrounds it.  I think we might have seen 3 other boats on the lake that night.  AMAZING!

 Uncle Bry gave each girl driving lessons!

 What a great day we had.  The evening ended with grandma's pasta along the waters edge and a wonderful nights sleep.  Well, until the girl's air mattress deflated.  Just a small glitch.


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