Monday, June 20, 2011

Continued...2-4 Mid West Gals Adventure

Day 2: Arkansas

We knew we needed a day to relax before jumping in the car for our next "Gal Adventure". We decided to head to the pool, help grandma with her new house and finish our day at the Lake.

 At the lake, Katie spots a hen mallard with her babies...A DOR A BLE!!

 Laney decides she would like to take them home in her suitcase :)...hang on, I'll grab a couple.

Uncle Bry helps Laney into the boat for an evening cruise

and check this dude out! (how do those legs hold up that massive body?)

Day 3: Off to Missouri
We waited in time to miss the storm, jumped in the car and headed up to Missouri.  I thought it might be good for the girls to see what damage a tornado can cause and decided to stop in Joplin.  Little did I know!! I was speechless, I still am.  I can't even begin to understand the devastation this town is going through.  Katie took a few shots to share.

The roots where pulled out and the trees were snapped.

Allie said "Mom, the house sunk", I had to tell her " No Allie, the house is gone...the roof is left behind.

A few walls remain of this building.. unreal!

Glad to leave Joplin...what a helpless feeling. We send prayers of healing to each person in that area.

I thought it would take us about 4.5 hours....NOPE!  7 hours later, the ladies and I rolled in.

and we reunite with our peeps.  Happiness all around :) 

Day 4: St. Louis, Missouri

Katie and sweet, beautiful cousin Molly (hmmm wonder where she got her name), are preparing for a day of shoppin!

Laney wasted no time spending her money!
The cousins tried to talk her into getting her ears pierced, I signed the paper work, she got the pen marks ...and ...then ....chickened out! Oh well, one less thing to think about.

Cousins having a blast on a nice mid west storms yet and Pam says we are out of Tornado danger...season over right? Wrong! 5 a.m I hear a buzzing sound.  The sound could not be an alarm, never heard one like that before.  Next thing I know the family is joining us down in the basement.  I ask Pam what she is doing down here with us, thought just the ladies and I were bunking down here and why are you carrying your dog down here...wierd? Oh, your not going to believe this Mol, she explains in a calm whisper, but we are havin a tornado warning.  WHAT??? thought the season was over and furthermore, I just drove through Joplin.....a little freaked. It was over before we new it.  They called it off and it moved into a large storm.  My cousin was as cool as a cucumber.  The gals and I have never seen wind and hail like that before.  Thank you Jesus for no Tornados! We safely fell back into slumber.


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