Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mid West Gals Adventure

Day 5: Missouri

These California Gals are havin a hard time gettin up in these parts here!  Well, all you had to say is "FEATHERS"...all 4 girls (my 3 little ladies and cousin Molly) jumped in the car and headed to the beauty shop where they had rooster feather extensions put in their hair.  All were THRILLED!!

Katie and Molly are more than thrilled to show off their feathers...who wouldn't want feathers?

From feathers bliss, we popped on over to my sweet Aunt Susies house for a little family gathering.  The two ladies on each side of me are my amazing Aunts! We lost my dad, their brother, 12 years ago but what a blessing to see my dads eyes and smile shine through them.  They are two of the most loveliest ladies in this world! I am so fortunate to have them as part of my life!

 Oh and the models again....

and cousins taking a walk...I wonder if they are talking about the fact that we just found out that we are not only part Cherokee but also Choctaw...Nope, don't think they care.  I DO!!! I have been bragging for 39 years about my Cherokee skin, now I find out Im part of another tribe...wait, why does it matter??

Tween cousins...nothing compares to family!

Oh, we have another model!

We had NO fun at all!! Just saying!! These two will not be able to part, I repeat NOT. With that said, we have decided to extend our stay by 2 days. :) 

Day 6: Missouri- Water Park

This day I think we hit 98 and don't forget the humidity.  We cooled off at the water park, great choice.

 Allie wastes no time jumping on the slides..

    Katie kickin up the speed!

 Delaney didn't meet the measurement requirements so she hung on the little slides..
 Fun with Miss Molly...

                                                               and the models again....

    Old Town St. Charles, the first capital of Missouri and home of Budweiser.

 After dinner at Louis and Clarks Restaurant, we walked along the river and snapped shots of the darling cousins.  Love have them together..

 and little Miss Laney caught a lightening bug! She was thrilled!

Grabbing some sleep before we hit another water park tomorrow..to be continued!

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