Saturday, December 25, 2010

An end to a fabulous Season!

We went simple and chic this year..A holiday evening of blogging and wine :)
Our annual Sugar Cookie baking night with the ladies..
Chalkboard festive and fun..

May this year be Merry and Bright! Hope you all had a most fabulous Christmas. We had a great time in the City, time with family and a very relaxing Christmas day spent around the fire enjoying each other ~ jammies until dinner..ahhhh

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A small thought!

Sunday?? Really??? that was fast...ok , we have 13 days until Christmas. Im really out of sorts this year. Decor not just perfect, lights not even drizzled along the eves...presents not all purchased, cards sitting on dining room table, 70 degree weather and no snow..not even frost, BUT I have shelter, I have a beautiful family and I have Christ. I guess I really am ready for Christmas, actually, I can hardly wait until Christmas morning and family hanging out in jammies until noon. Wow, thanks for listening, scratch that..reading. I feel better! Here is a little more Christmas love to share:

A child is born...
A bird nesting
On our way to see little Miss Laney in her Christmas show...proud older sister.

No stage fright here, nope, she is on her way in the door to become the cutest cow ever in the Christmas show. Love that kid!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Glow....o o o o...o o o o... o o o o..RIA!!!!

Tis the Season My Friends!!!! What a beautiful time of year. In California, it is a bit warm still. A few days of high 50's, hardly any rain but the festivities have begun. smile...sip of wine, and a huge ..GIGANTIC ...."May the Lord Bless you this Season!!!"
Thought I would share a little of my last few weeks. We have been amazingly and happily busy with funerals, weddings, retirements and everyday to do's. We feel blessed, we feel nuts and we feel out of control. But here is a bit of our craziness..wondering if you empathize?? Have you already wrapped, baked and delivered?? Just curious :)

Delaney Faith....she always jumps in posts !

A little Christmas love

Sideways but sweet :)

Christmas Tree complete!

Eat, Drink be all things for Christ. We did a wine tasting ...winner is???? Le Crema

Ignore the dates on the photos...that camera goes back tomorrow. Never figured it out. Enjoy this wonderful Christmas season. I know I will do my best to remember all things that bring small blessings and tons of love in my life. xoxoxoxo Molly