Sunday, July 25, 2010

Meet the Jepsons

Here we are...all 5 of us. Eric, myself, KatieGrace (11), Allie (8) and little Miss Delaney (4). We are the Jepson Crew. Eric is my sweet hubby and very patient father of these adorable 3 ladies. KaiteGrace our oldest is busy getting ready for middle school and keeping her social life very full this summer. Allie spends the day doing cartwheels and twirling in the wind...she just loves life. Delaney is the "Head Hancho" around here (so she thinks). She keeps us all in line...keeps us all in stitches and completes this family perfect!!

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  1. ok love it! now just waiting for another post!!! like do pics of a girls room :)


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