Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Summer Vacation and a little Fourth of July celebration

We have had an amazing summer. I can't say much for our weather....very, unusually, cold and grey summer for 2010. So... the "Littles" and I decided to take a road trip and find the sun, turn off the tube and escape the world of Internet. We headed up the ole mountains to a little slice of Heaven or as the rest of the family seems to all it, "The Cabin". Yep, just my littles and myself waaaay up in the mountains with the bears and mt. lions. We hunkered down with games, great food, mommy cocktails and Little's cocktails. We swam for hours in the lake and fished until dark. NO!! I do not fish but I do hang by the lake and pool and order out from the country club a giant cadillac margarita!!!! ~YUM~
Well, that all lasted about a day and a half until the troops found us. Up came Dad, Up came Big Littles Friend (another pretween) Up came "TT", Out went "TT", In came In laws, Up came In Laws friend to have a HUGE 4th of July celebration at the lake. 12 days later OUT went me and the Littles. We had a blast!!! It took me 2 weeks to get back into reality.

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