Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School!!! and decorating idea #1

We made it through the first week of " back to school". A bit rough getting the littlest of the littles in a new preschool (unplanned) but we are off and running. Everyone is thrilled with the classroom arrangements. KatieGrace "Miss Middle Schooler"...trying to keep her focus off mascara and lip gloss and back into studying (rough!!). Allie "Little Miss 3rd Grader" ..runs to the bus, who cares what she has on, as long as she gets there, she is thrilled! Then we have Delaney...well, she started her week in school with a black eye...from falling out of bed - NO JOKE, a Pre K class with NO TEACHER!!!! , again NO JOKE and croup! Well, we got through it all and I am happy to say she is in a good school with a fab teacher. Everyone is settled in and ready for a great year.

Vintage tool box with garden flowers

I have spent wayyyy tooooo much time on the blogger. Love it and am completely inspired in several areas. Photography ( too bad our beautiful camera was stolen at my reunion), cooking and decorating. I did mention that I would start blogging some before and after photos and throw out some fun and simple decorating tips so here I go....... tonights basic decorating idea #1
1. grab an old vintage tool box (flea market or grandparents garage)
2. fill the sections with silver julep cups or sippy cups, whatever is handy
3. grab your scissors and cuts some of your favorite , homegrown flowers to fill the cups
4. you can put cups of flowers in each section OR....for a entertaining...silverware looks great in the empty sections, gorgeous way to display.

Have fun....use it as a centerpiece, for entertaining or just out on the ole coffee table.

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