Sunday, November 14, 2010

and the season begins....

It is amazing to me how quickly this Holiday season has come. I love the Holidays!!! The weather, food, shopping, cards, tree's in the house, decor throughout, travel and such. I love the smell of the first time I turn on the heater for the season. It is just busy fun :)
I have been off my blog for a few days as we have lost 2 family members. One was 37, full of life and an an amazing father of a 10 year old, beautiful daughter. The other, a 97 year old man. He was strong, handsome and the great grandfather to my 3 babies. As we get ready for the Holiday season, we also say goodbye to 2 amazing men in our family. We thank our Lord that we had time with them....we are deeply blessed.

My blog to be updated and filled with my latest gatherings soon.....

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