Sunday, July 24, 2011

Days 6-14 Mid West Gals Trip

Day 6 (or Day 7...who's counting?): 6 Flags St. Louis

 And what shall we ride first?

 Fun with my baby!
 Anyone for a Scooby Snack?
More Cousin fun

Day 7: At the park

  Laney finds a giraffe, New Town, St. Charles
    Mom finds another barn :) Happiness

    Katie finds Beiber on Day 8

 Day 9: Laney hangs out on a giant bubble at another fabulous water park. Weather still in the 90's, great way to cool off.

One Beautiful Church, St. Charles

Day 10: It is never easy to say goodbye.  It was time to leave Missouri, we had already extended our stay by 2 days.  My Mom needed help back in Arkansas, she still hadn't been able to settle in her new house. We had to say "See you soon" to our Mid West family. We had many many tears. Katie and Molly became the best of friends/cousins.  They have a very special bond...a beautiful friendship.

Truly one of my best friends/cousin.  I wish we lived next door to each other. She makes me smile!
 The Cousins minus a few.

My sweet Aunties!!

We stopped in Pacific, Missouri.  I had learned my Great Grandfather had built a Catholic church in this darling town.  The girls and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to check out a piece of our history.  We pulled up to this gorgeous piece of land and there she stood, so proud.

OH, did I happen to find a little shopping on the way out of town..Geeeshh! Picked up a new vintage cross.  It currently hangs in my bedroom, enclosed in glass with a rock from my grandfathers church.

The grease factor, we couldn't pass up the chance to try this puppy out. Fabulous burgers!

10 hours later (no thanks to the navigation in the car)...we arrive back to grandma

 Day 10: Spent at the mall, cooling off with frozen yogurt and more shopping.

 Day 11: Lake time = Good times

And looky what we have here....another beautiful

  Day 12: Aunt Marilyn comes in from Kansas to visit moms new house and these little monkeys. What a gracious lady she is. So full of happiness and love.

Day 13...Looking for more pics of us at the lake and time spent with mom and Chuck.

Day 14 Back to California, with tears in my eyes and love in the soul.

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