Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dads and Daughters


Dads and Daughters, it sure can be a beautiful relationship.  I was blessed to have had an incredible father who adored me, loved me and taught me the most important lessons in life. My dad treated me kindly and respectfully.  He was very proud of me and would glow when we were together.  He was an encourager and a teacher of Gods word.
My Dad could hardly wait for grandchildren ....he was an affectionate man and could hardly wait to wrap his gentle arms around my babies.  He was there for me the day before KatieGrace, my first, was born.  He layed his hands on my tummy and blessed her beautiful Godly words.  He missed her birth as he had driven 9 hours home just one day before her arrival.  He waited patiently to meet her and I was so excited for the two to get aquainted.  He drove back up just as soon as he could..she was 2 weeks old. He held her, kissed her, prayed with her.  I could tell, when it was time to go....he did not want to give her up.  It was so hard for him to say goodbye, I could see in his eyes how proud of her he already was, he wanted to teach her all he had taught me.  I saw that same glow about him when he was with her that day, the same glow he had when he was spending time with me.  2 months later, he passed away.  This time we would drive the 9 hours to be with him.  That was the hardest goodbye I have ever had to say.  But I was blessed! I was blessed by him each day of my childhood.  At first I felt like it was so unfair, we were suppose to write our book "Dads and Daughters", he was suppose to be there for my children. hit me and it hit hard.  You see, my Dad always told me he prayed each night for my husband. When I was 8 years old.....that was a little strange.  As the years went by, I would just say "OK  Dad....I tell me ALL the time". Well, this weekend I realized a couple of things. My Dads prayer had been answered and my daughters have been blessed with an incredible father, that man my Dad prayed about nightly, who adores them, teaches them, respects them, encourages them and loves the heck out of each of them.  Last night I saw that same sparkle in his eyes as he proudly took his oldest on a date to the Father Daughter dance at the middle school.  They were shining with smiles as they strolled out of the house and they were still smiling when rolled back into the house.  I LOVE that my daughters will share that same relationship with their Dad as I did. What a Blessing!


 My beautiful girl as she get's ready for her date night with Dad


They both glow!

Have a wonderful week.. ~ M


  1. Nicely put my MJ! Your father is so proud of you. You are the best Mom.. He left us too soon.. I love you always for giving me my beautiful girls.

  2. They are both precious! Lovely post.

  3. Love it Molly! This post reminds me of my daddy! I miss him so much and wish he was here to see my kids grow up....A father and daughter's relationship is so important. It defines who we are and who we look for in a husband.Your a great writer! Have fun in Texas!

  4. Your post brought tears to my eyes! My dad raised us by himself - I feel like I could have written this!


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