Saturday, March 5, 2011

It is what I love to do!

I began today's post with the before and after pictures of my house transformation.  We bought a 40 year old house, 7 years ago, and are still workin on it daily.  I have a personal buddy/blogger friend that is dying for me to post the shots where it all began but.....can't get my scanner off blk and wht and EJ is gone to soccer, no help around.
So, I thought maybe I should just show some fun.  Decorating is what I love to mind is always turning when I look around the room.  I think I change things up at least daily.  It might be a small change but it is a let out for me, I love to gather and I really love to take the gatherings and share! Here is a glimpse.......

She stands, very tall, in my living room.  I love her chippy white paint and elegant shape.  On top, she is crowned with a silver pedestal, bay leaves and a garden crown. 

A fun find at a boutique, entry to laundry room
 I have shown this pic before, old ironing board, a wreath hanging from the door and an angel for protection.
 Wow, I must have a thing for angels, here we have another, she sits next to a muck bucket filled with cotton.  I love the natural organic look of cotton!
 One very large clotche with antlers...
 Too much going on here....I have moved the pedestals out but the letters are the best part, everyone in the family is represented including the dog!
 This is KatieGraces room - almost 12, this year we are repainting for her birthday..hmmm any ideas? This time, she may not get to choose (get a load of that green!!)
 And here we have little Miss Allie's room, the newly 9 year old. We rearranged yesterday but you get the idea!
 Aww, my baby.....
 Just a piece of her room, I must not have made her bed this day, but again, you get the idea.
Thanks for hanging at the Jepson house for a few to figure out the before and afters....more to come!
~ M


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